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2016 Annual Report

A Note from Joyce

Did you ever play the game Show and Tell when you were a kid? I think it’s a great example of how we should live the Christian life. Too often, as believers in Christ, we want to tell everybody about Jesus, but we don’t back it up by showing them what He’s like. It usually does more harm than good if we just tell people about Jesus and don't back up our words with actions. We need to show them God's love.

Being like Jesus means loving others. In Matthew 22:37, Jesus says the greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind, and in verse 39, He says, And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as [you do] yourself (AMPC).

I am very grateful that from the beginning of Joyce Meyer Ministries, God gave me the understanding that we always need to reach out to the poor. It’s something He put in my heart and He’s given us the grace and endless opportunities to do that.

We started in small, very simple ways, and as we did what we knew to do, over time our outreaches have increased in amazing ways. Today, we are able to invest millions of dollars into humanitarian works that also share the Gospel.

I love being able to help people by teaching the Word, but it’s also great when we can show God’s love by doing things like washing a child’s feet, putting shoes on them and telling them, “Jesus loves you and He’s going to take care of you.” You never know how something like that may impact a child. In their darkest moment, they may remember that and realize, “Jesus loves me and He gave me these shoes.” That’s the moment when God’s love is real to someone who has been hurting and hopeless.

The bottom line is, it’s almost useless to preach if you aren’t going to help love people in practical ways that meet their needs. It’s what Jesus did, and it’s what the Bible teaches. You really can’t separate the two.

I like to call sharing Christ and loving people—or show and tell—the power twins. Put them together in action and astounding things happen. The pages of this book are full of wonderful examples—things we have all been a part of together.

Acts 10:38 (AMPC) says that Jesus went about doing good. We follow His example by doing outreaches all over the globe, and God has done so many phenomenal things through them.

We’ve encountered so many people who don’t even know what it means to have a dream for their future…they have no idea what hope is. But as we’ve shared the love of Christ, we’ve shown them how to hope and dream.

Joyce hugging a woman

There is a hidden group of people in a very remote part of the African nation of Tanzania. What God has done there is a beautiful illustration of this. Their needs were great, but not hidden from God. He has led us to them, and as we began to meet their physical needs, their hearts were opened to the Gospel. You will be thrilled to read about the joy you have brought them.

This is what makes life worth living. I’ve lived a lot of years and have discovered that we are never really happy when we’re only focused on ourselves. Real joy comes when we’re doing what we can to be a blessing to someone else—making their life better. And that’s when we’re really like Jesus!

To the Ends of the Earth

We were told this would be a difficult trip. It was the peak of the dry season in Tanzania, and our team was about to embark on an exciting journey deep into the African bush. Our mission: to connect with the Datooga tribe, one of the most unreached people groups in the world.

The farther we traveled, the drier it became, until there was hardly any greenery at all. The earth became dusty, brown and cracked from a lack of water. And it was clear we had entered “the bush of the bush.” But in this one tiny spot on the globe – about as remote a place as you’ll ever find – something beautiful has been rising from the African dust.

Read the rest of the story on page 7 of the 2016 Annual Report

Just last year, you provided more than 28 million nutritious meals to hungry people in 32 nations around the world.

More Than a Meal

A plate of food is no small gift. It’s quite amazing that providing something as simple as a meal to a child in need can open the door for a whole family to come to know Jesus. And that is the heart behind our feeding programs.

Young Rinah lives with her mother, father and older sister in Antondrimanana, Madagascar. Their family practices exhumation, the religious act of digging up, preparing and celebrating with the bones of deceased relatives. But since joining one of our feeding programs, many things have changed for this precious girl.

Read more about the changes in Rinah’s life on page 14 of the 2016 Annual Report

Project Grl a new initiative to guide, restore and love

Women who’ve endured unbelievable heartbreak and pain. Girls who’ve never stepped inside a classroom. Women who’ve been told their bodies can be sold to the highest bidder.

Girls who silently starve, while their brother eats. Women who can’t care for their children because they spend hours walking for water.

Far too many women and girls simply do not understand how truly valuable they are, and our desire is to do everything we can to meet their basic needs, share with them just how much God loves them, and give them hope for a brighter future.

Read more about our newest initiative, Project GRL on page 18 of the 2016 Annual Report

Project GRL represents Joyce’s heart to see young women across the globe healed and restored as she was.

Hope For a Brighter Future

As you have seen, many girls who are denied education often end up in a cycle of poverty that leads to some pretty hopeless situations. But God has given us an exciting opportunity to be part of the solution.

Through a new Joyce Meyer Ministries, Hand of Hope initiative – called Classrooms of Hope – we’re providing a happy place of refuge for many boys and girls in one of the poorest provinces of South Africa, the Eastern Cape. The classrooms replace dilapidated structures that leaked when it rained or were near collapse.

So what exactly does that look like? Find out on page 21 of the 2016 Annual Report

When God’s People Come Together in the Wake of The Storm

It was 2 a.m. in Louisiana and Theresa had just let out the family dog. The ground was dry so there was no way to be prepared for what was headed her way. As the hours ticked by, water began to creep toward her beloved home that she’d shared with her husband for more than four decades.

When a disaster strikes, people lose so much more than just a building or simple earthly possessions. So that’s why our hearts are set to reach out and bring hope, restore broken hearts and help them start a brand-new journey.

See the rest of Theresa’s story on page 30 of the 2016 Annual Report

This new well is an answer to prayer for the people in Munagala, India, providing them with free, clean water close to home.

Refreshing the Thirsty

Tucked away in a little corner of southern India is the village of Munagala. It’s colorful, quaint and full of character…but if you lived there, all of that would soon be overshadowed by a scarcity of water.

While the monsoons bring some relief, the dry seasons have left the people struggling to find water. And since the lone bore well in their village didn’t yield drinkable water, the community has been forced to either travel long distances to collect it from the municipal taps or buy costly water cans.

Hear how we are bringing fresh water to this village and all over the world on page 12 of the Annual Report

A Promise of Hope for Refugees

According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, we are now witnessing the highest levels of displaced people on record.

An unprecedented 65.3 million people around the world have been forced from home. Among them are nearly 21.3 million refugees, over half of whom are under the age of 18.

Hand of Hope has been actively helping refugees for a very long time, so now, in a world where nearly 34,000 people are forcibly displaced every day as a result of conflict or persecution, we have a great deal of work ahead and more opportunities than ever before to respond in a Christ-like way.

See how we have been reaching out to refugees on page 27 of the Annual Report

Teaching the Word

Who would have ever thought in Jesus’ time – when they were traveling on foot and by camel to spread the Gospel – that one day it could all take place from the palm of our hand!

A couple of years ago we were amazed to see satellite dishes in remote villages in Africa. But today, technology has spread like wildfire and in an instant, through live video on Periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and more, Joyce can share a message with millions.

See how we’re sharing the message of Christ all over the world on page 37 of the 2016 Annual Report

Our Partners Help Change the World

You have read and watched the stories of victory and about the outreaches making a difference all over the world. All of it is a direct result of the support and prayers of our partners. Thank you!

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