Annual Report 2020
Nurse working to help COVID patients
With God all things are possible

This past year, we have watched God do the impossible in the lives of people all around the world. And He used our combined prayers and efforts to do it.

Joyce Meyer

2020 was a year like no other.

Before the year began, God gave me a specific scripture for 2020. In Matthew 19:26 (NIV) Jesus said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Looking back, we are in awe of God’s faithfulness! During a year when the pandemic left so many people searching for answers and requiring more physical and spiritual help than ever before, we have watched God use your prayers and support to do the impossible over and over again.

In 2020, record numbers of people flooded our website, looked for spiritual help from God’s Word through our resources, and discovered messages of hope through our Enjoying Everyday Life programs…and we can’t wait to share with you some of the wonderful things God has done in their lives.

We have also been amazed by the new doors of opportunity that were opened to reach the hurting through our missions arm, Hand of Hope. Whether it was feeding more families, treating more children through our medical outreaches, or the many incredible ways you delivered critical relief to those affected by the pandemic, it was truly a year like no other.

This annual report is filled with stories of people’s lives that have been changed through your generous prayers and support. In 2020, we watched God do the impossible all around the world, and He used you to do it.

Dave and Joyce
Children getting water

86 cents of every dollar you gave in 2020 was used for outreaches and programs directed at reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Help in Pandemic
Darla Theiss
When the COVID pandemic left Darla without a job and desperate for answers, you provided help in a way she didn’t see coming.
Read her story.
He is my rock and salvation, my hope comes from him

This year, when the COVID‑19 pandemic left people struggling financially and searching for answers, you were there to share the hope of Christ and meet people’s needs in so many innovative ways.

Whether it was providing lifesaving meals for thousands of families in Brazil, surprising hundreds of senior citizens in Florida with free groceries, or giving food, protective kits and hygiene items to women in forced prostitution in Spain, you sent the world a message — that God sees them in their time of need, and that He loves them.

In a time of unprecedented need, God used you to reach people around the world in new and creative ways…and show them that anything is possible with Him.

For years, 64‑year‑old Darla had worked two jobs — it was a matter of survival. So, when she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, she was forced to retire from full‑time work and saw little hope for the future.

For Darla, there was so much to think about. Her adult son suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was just a teenager, and she is all he has. And when the pandemic struck, neither one could find even part‑time work. Left with no money, a stack of bills and a broken‑down car, desperation set in.

“There were many nights that I cried out to God and I just didn’t feel like I could go on,” Darla recalled. “Then one night He spoke to my heart and said, I did not bring you this far to let you go.”

Darla didn’t know it yet, but help was on the way. Hand of Hope had partnered with i5 City Church to plan a major event in Baltimore, Maryland, that would provide food and groceries to families hit hardest by the pandemic. They also had a few surprises in store.

On the day of the event, Darla arrived to a cheering crowd and was directed to the makeshift stage. “Pastor Irene and I have been praying for you,” said Jimmy Rollins, pastor of i5 City Church. “Darla, your family means the world to us, and we want you to know we are donating to you a brand‑new vehicle.”

It had been a long two years, and Darla had seen it all. But she never saw this coming. As she sat in her new car, she raised her hands and began praising God. “It gives me a purpose again,” she said.

And Darla is like so many others who you helped this year in response to the pandemic. When all hope was lost, you shared the love of Christ in real and practical ways. And they will never forget it.

Disaster Relief in action
With God Hope is possible People receiving food in Indonesia He is our comfort in the storm
11 million meals to fifty five thousand five hundred twenty five families worldwide Man with his kids taking home a bag of food You distributed protective equipment to 20 thousand people

We Partnered With Over 100 Organizations to Bring Relief to Over

75 Nations

Help in Pandemic
David Dejean
Hurricane Laura swept through Louisiana and turned David’s life upside down. Then he received help in a way he never expected.
Read his story.
God is our refuge and strength

This year, your support traveled around the world and reached people in their greatest moments of need.

When flash floods in Cambodia forced people from their homes, you were there to provide food, water filters and temporary shelters. When the Almeda Fire in Oregon ravaged nearly 3,000 homes and buildings, you helped residents pick up the pieces and build again. And when an explosion rocked the city of Beirut, leaving thousands injured and living on the streets, you provided lifesaving food and assistance, helping them find hope in the midst of the rubble.

During these times of uncertainty, you were there to comfort, protect, rebuild…and show the love of Christ in a very personal way.

After the hurricane passed, David returned to find his Louisiana home badly damaged, the roof partially collapsed, and his barn completely destroyed.

To make matters worse, the high winds took down nearly every tree on his beautiful lot. Without water or electricity, he immediately started to clean up, attempting to salvage his life’s work.

He worked for hours and it barely made a dent. That’s when Hand of Hope, in partnership with God’s Pit Crew, showed up to clear the trees and debris and help David figure out the next steps.

“When I met him, he was just exhausted,” Chris Chiles from God’s Pit Crew said. “I could see it on him. Sitting on his front porch with his head in his hands, he just said, ‘I can’t move anymore.’ I said, ‘Brother, you just sit there and let us take over.’”

Tired, emotional, and still trying to digest the events of the past few days, David was amazed by the love and support.

“I’ve never seen this in my entire life,” he said. “I’m so appreciative and so grateful. Somebody’s looking over me.”

David’s story is about more than a damaged house — it’s about loving people. And in the wake of Hurricane Laura, when the people of Louisiana and Texas needed it most, you shared the love of Jesus in so many beautiful ways.

Through our unique partnerships with several relief organizations, you provided clean‑up services, food, water, hygiene kits, critical supplies and a shoulder to lean on for thousands all across the area.

During their time of crisis, God used you to answer the prayers of desperate people…and let them know that Somebody is indeed looking out for them.

Disaster Relief in action

to refugee families in Lebanon

With God Restoration is Possible
Women carrying baskets through muddy water
You responded to 23 disasters in 13 nations

Cyclone Amphan: India Derecho Storm: Iowa Earthquake: Puerto Rico Explosion: Lebanon Flooding: Brazil, Burundi, Cambodia, El Salvador, Michigan, Mississippi and Niger Hurricanes: Alabama, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Florida, Honduras, Louisiana, North Carolina and Texas Tornadoes: Mississippi and Tennessee Typhoons: Philippines and Vietnam Volcano: Philippines Wildfire: Oregon

Help in Pandemic
Becky Snyder
During a particularly difficult year, Becky was on the verge of despair. Then she found a window of hope.
Read her story.
Fear not for I am with you

During a year when the world was searching for answers, God used you to share His love and encouragement in the most amazing ways.

Through Joyce’s Enjoying Everyday Life program — broadcast on TV, radio and online — you reached nearly every corner of the world.

Record numbers of people also flooded to access the Word of God and receive spiritual support through Joyce’s podcasts, articles, devotionals, Bible studies and our special Girls’ Night In event. Throughout the year, more than 40,000 of them gave their lives to Christ through our website alone. And through our social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, you met people on a daily basis with words of hope and life.

And in 2020, you translated and delivered 400,000 of Joyce’s books into the hands of people everywhere, free of charge — from remote villages in India to recovery homes for women in Missouri, Tennessee and California. You let them know they are special…that God is good and He has a good plan for their lives. And that spells love in any language.

Becky had never felt so isolated. After months of quarantine — unable to attend church or see many of her friends — she could sense the pressure mounting.

Like many people in 2020, the pandemic left Becky unemployed and spending nearly all of her time indoors. And between studying online for her teaching degree and caring for a mom who has health challenges, she had reached her breaking point.

“I had been struggling under the weight of it all — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually,” Becky shared. “You go about every day, but you hit a limit where it just becomes too much.”

Then, one day, as she was browsing the Joyce Meyer Ministries website, something grabbed her attention. For the first time ever, Joyce would be hosting a live online event called Girls’ Night In, where women would come together virtually to enjoy teaching, worship and just have some fun. Becky registered on the spot, then weeks later joined thousands of others for the special night.

“I felt lighter,” Becky joyfully told us. “The Scripture, the discussions, the reflection, the prayer, the camaraderie, the music — it was all just perfect. I was bawling…all the hard stuff just dissipated, and all I had was this beautiful experience. I feel refreshed deep down into the bottom of my soul.”

During a year that presented incredible challenges, you were there to share the love of God in innovative ways with millions of people just like Becky. From Girls’ Night In…to Joyce’s livestreaming check‑ins on social media…to all of our digital and online resources, you brought the peace and comfort of God’s Word into people’s homes right when they needed it.

“Giving peace to somebody is no small thing,” Becky said. “God calls us to love one another, and I can’t think of a better way than this. It brought all of us together.”

Sharing Christ
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through our worldwide outreaches

Joyce teaching to camera from home
Broadcasting the Gospel in 104 languages
With God New Life is Possible
In the midst of the pandemic, the Girls’ Night In virtual event brought God’s Word, uplifting music and a lot of fun right to people’s homes.
Help in Pandemic
Pha Pantakit
At just 15 years old, Pha was trapped in a life of prostitution. Then you made a way for her to finally get free.
Read her story.
Fear not for I am with you

Through our Project GRL initiative, this year you have worked to guide, restore and share God’s love with women and girls around the world.

In nations like Bulgaria, Greece and East Africa, you rescued women from the horrors of human trafficking and provided the love and support they needed to start fresh. And at our Imagine Hope Centers in Zambia, you have given young girls a chance to dream about what’s possible for their lives by providing safe havens where they can receive a good education — a luxury that so many are forced to live without.

Whether it was through supplying clean water, nutritious meals and lifesaving assistance, or teaching them all about their worth and value in Christ, in 2020 you reached thousands of women and girls with an important message: They are precious, loved daughters of God.

Pha was born in a remote tribal village in Myanmar. Here, it’s common for poverty‑stricken families to sell their children for money. At just 6 years old, Pha became one of those children.

“I was given to a family who took me to a town near the Thai border.” Pha recalled. “I didn’t go to school and had to do domestic work. One of the teenage boys used to beat me and do all kinds of bad things to me. When I was 10, he sexually abused me.”

After years of being bullied and abused, Pha saw her chance and ran away. Fleeing across the Thai border, she found employment at a restaurant, but soon discovered it was a front for a brothel. Fifteen‑year‑old Pha had spent her young life fighting to survive, but now she was in over her head. With seemingly no way out — with no money and nowhere else to go — she gave in to a life of prostitution.

After two long years, the local police raided the brothel and Pha was introduced to our ministry partners at the Gabrielle House — a place of healing for young women who have escaped from the horrors of trafficking and other dire situations.

At this loving home, Pha has finally found the family she’s been looking for all along. Here, she is learning all about Jesus and walking through the healing process with professional counselors. And for the first time ever, she is receiving an education and learning valuable life skills. At last, she is free to just be a teenager.

Pha told us, “I’m so happy and thankful to God and the people who helped me!”

You are those people. Today, Pha is a testimony of what God’s love and healing can do. She is amazed by her new life — a life that you have made possible for her and so many other precious young women through our Project GRL outreaches all around the world.

Project GRL Video
Girl smiling
24 recuse homes and safe havens for women
With God Freedom is Possible
You helped women and girls in fifty three countries and provided safe places where they can receive an education and learn who they are in Christ
24 rescue homes and safe havens for women


Anti-Human Trafficking
Clean Water
Safe Havens
Sharing Her Value

Help in Pandemic
Sonia Alfarro
As Sonia limped into the clinic in El Salvador, she had no idea it would change her life forever.
Read her story.
I will restore you to health and heal your wounds

The love of Christ is a universal language, and nothing speaks louder than treating someone’s wounds, relieving their pain, sharing the life‑changing message of the Gospel, or making sure their children are safe and healthy.

Whether it was providing food and medical services to those with leprosy in India, treating famished children at our Hand of Hope pediatric specialty clinic in East Africa, or offering emergency dental care in Israel to those with nowhere else to turn, your generous support impacted thousands of families all around the world.

In the process, you also told them about God’s incredible love. And it’s a message they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Although Sonia makes a living by cleaning the city’s streets, it’s barely enough to survive. She lives alone in poverty, yet spends what little she does earn to help pay for her grandson to attend school.

Sonia also has diabetes. When she arrived at our San Jose Villanueva Medical Clinic, it had been six months since she could afford the medications she needed. She was physically, emotionally and financially spent.

This permanent clinic, made possible through our partnership with Abigail Association, offers free medical and dental services to thousands of people each year who could not receive attention otherwise. And like our other medical outreaches worldwide, they also share God’s love and the Gospel message with almost every single person who walks through their doors.

Our doctors immediately began treating Sonia’s feet, which had gone numb from the diabetes. Due to the loss of feeling, rats in Sonia’s house had actually bitten her feet without her noticing. Thankfully, our team was able to thoroughly clean and bandage her wounds and provide her with the necessary medications.

But that’s not all. That day, our team prayed with Sonia, and she began her relationship with Jesus Christ. In the coming months, she also read Joyce’s book Battlefield of the Mind. By the time Sonia returned to the clinic several months later, she says the Lord had begun to change her thinking and her outlook on life.

“I almost didn’t recognize her!” shared Janis Watkins, founder of Abigail Association. “After she came to the clinic, Sonia began to feel differently about herself and the Lord did a total transformation in her life. She found out for the first time that she had value and that Someone cared about her. In her words, she found joy!”

Because of your amazing generosity, Sonia has renewed hope for herself, her family and her future. And she is just one of thousands who walked through these doors in 2020 and received the healing they so desperately needed.

Disaster Relief in action
139 thousand people cared for Patient receiving care during COVID
Patient receiving dental care Ten thousand one hundred twelve prescriptions filled for free Healing

medical/dental outreaches in Cameroon, Nevada, and El Salvador

Help in Pandemic
Brittany Brown
Balancing family, school and a career, Brittany fought to simply put food on the table. Thankfully, your gift was right on time.
Read her story.
If you pour yourself out for the hungry...

There’s a look we see on people’s faces when we tell them we’re providing daily nutritious meals for them and their children…or installing a new well that will provide fresh water for everyone in their village. It’s a look of joy, surprise, relief and overwhelming gratitude.

This year, we saw that look a lot. You supplied millions of nutritious meals to families around the world. And for many children, your support went far beyond that, providing them with an education and the opportunity to learn all about Jesus.

You also installed hundreds of freshwater wells in some of the most remote places on earth in 2020. And in many locations, you built a church, sharing the Living Water of the Gospel…the ultimate Source of joy that never runs dry.

For Brittany, it had been a difficult year. As a single mother of three, she juggled a full‑time job, grad school, and all the ups and downs of trying to make ends meet. But when COVID hit, and her hours were cut, it left her family in a tight spot…and believing for a miracle.

For years, Brittany has attended and volunteered at the St. Louis Dream Center church, an outreach of Joyce Meyer Ministries dedicated to sharing Christ and meeting needs in the inner city. Even in the midst of her struggles, she continued to reach out to others. But as the weeks went by and the holidays approached, her greatest concern was how to feed her children.

Then, on Nov. 21, with Thanksgiving only a few days away, Brittany was invited to come to the Dream Center and receive a special gift. On this day, the church was blessing hundreds of local families in need with a turkey and all the trimmings.

They surprised Brittany with two full baskets — one for her family and one for her parents, who had also recently lost their jobs. It was more than she expected and came at the perfect time.

“I didn’t know what Thanksgiving was going to look like, but now I do,” Brittany said that day through tears. “There was no other alternative. But God made it possible. To be able to bless my household and my parents’ household as a result of Joyce Meyer Ministries, it’s amazing. This meal is life‑changing.”

In a year that’s been anything but normal, God has used your partnership to share His love with the people in this St. Louis community and around the world in ways they never expected.

For families requiring basic necessities like a nutritious meal and fresh water to drink, you were a part of the miracle they needed.

Children drinking water from a well


With God Miracles are Possible
Two hundred freshwater wells drilled in fifteen nations
Women carrying baskets through muddy water
You provided meals to families and children in over seventy countries
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  • Joyce and Dave Meyer handing out food

    “There were so many times in 2020 when I thought, Only God could have done this! While the world was shut down, we actually reached more people with food, water and practical help.

    And despite all the limitations, God showed us that His Word is never limited.

    You helped share the Gospel in new and innovative ways, and people’s lives were forever changed. Before the year even started, God began encouraging me that all things are possible with Him. He was getting ready to do miracles around the world…and He used you and me to do it.”

    President of
    Joyce Meyer Ministries

  • Dave Meyer

    “God is faithful, and in 2020, He honored the faithfulness of our partners.

    In a year that was anything but normal, we watched God use your prayers and donations in amazing ways to reach the lost and hurting.

    You, our partners —our family— honored God through your commitment during a particularly difficult time. And the Bible says that when you honor God, He will honor you (see 1 Samuel 2:30).”

    Vice President of
    Joyce Meyer Ministries

  • David Meyer

    “Even in the midst of a challenging year, we watched God do so many great things through the support of our partners.

    In 2020, we fed more people than ever — serving almost 35 million meals. That’s 30% more than the previous year!

    In East Africa, we opened a new wing of the Pediatric Specialty Clinic, allowing us to treat twice as many children. And we implemented a second mobile medical van in India, allowing us to bring critical medical help to some of the more remote places on earth.”

    CEO of Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions

  • Shelly Meyer

    “There were many challenges in 2020, and I worried if we could continue to make a difference in the chaos.

    But every quarter, we received testimonies from girls and women who were rescued from pain and hopelessness through our ongoing projects and disaster‑initiated aid.

    Even when I was unsure, it was clear that with God, all things are possible.”

    International Relations Officer for Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions

  • Daniel Meyer

    “During a year when the world seemed like it was turned upside down because of the pandemic, I am so proud of the role Joyce Meyer Ministries, together with our partners, has been able to play.

    When people were fearful and looking for help, we were able to use all of our efforts through media to provide them the Answer —Jesus.

    When people needed it the most, our lights were shining brightly.”

    CEO of U.S. Operations for
    Joyce Meyer Ministries

  • Ginger Stache

    “So many people felt isolated this year — loneliness and fear were devastating side effects of the pandemic.

    But YOU were there, bringing people encouragement exactly when and where they needed it.

    As a partner, you made it possible for Joyce to bring the Word of God into their homes when they couldn’t get out, and for prayer to pour into their lives through social media posts. We were the virtual friends they needed; you made it possible, and God did the impossible through it!”

    Chief Creative Officer of
    Joyce Meyer Ministries

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A group of smiling children

In 2020, you, our partners, touched the lives of people everywhere.

This year was filled with amazing stories and awee-inspiring moments of God’s goodness, and you have a part in every single one. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.