Annual Report 2019

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...In Your presence there
is fullness of  Joy!
- Psalm 16:11 (ESV) -
Joyce Meyer

We are purveyors of God’s love and sharers of smiles. Joy comes from seeing a smile jump from one face to the next until the world lights up. Here are some of the faces you brightened in 2019 with smiles!

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Our promise to you
85 cents of every dollar
you gave in 2019 was used
for outreaches and programs
directed at reaching people with
the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Three years ago, Shelby Wilson was living in a storage unit, addicted to drugs and alcohol.
Read her story.
The lightof the
eyes rejoices the
heart, and good
the bones.
- Proverbs 15:30 (ESV) -

Whether it’s through a TV program in remote parts of the world, a community outreach in the United States or a word of encouragement sent to someone’s phone, together in 2019 we reached people with the message of hope in Christ in ways we could have never imagined.

Three years ago, Shelby Wilson was living in a storage unit, addicted to drugs and alcohol.

One day a friend told her about a Hand of Hope-sponsored back-to-school giveaway at a church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. By attending this and other church events, it unlocked the door for Shelby to come to know Jesus.

“The hope that came from being here…led to [a] complete life change for me,” Shelby told us. “And I want to be part of that for other people!”

That’s why she’s now volunteering at this same event, one of many community outreaches you’ve supported across the U.S. in 2019.

People in worship

Broadcasting the Gospel in over
languages through our Enjoying Everyday Life program on TV, radio and online

Easter outreach
You made it possible to hold
13 community outreaches
across the U.S., providing
hundreds of families with
food, clothing, school supplies
and even a little fun!

of Joyce's books distributed
worldwide, free of charge

world map

Rescued women and girls in
through Project GRL

Woman holding books
Child smiling
Ginger and Girls Taking a Selfie
Those who
look to him are
radiant, and
their faces
shall never be
- Psalm 34:5 (ESV) -

Around the world, girls have been told, by words or circumstances, that they are worth nothing. Not even a future. So, out of Joyce’s heart for women and girls to know they are loved and valued, we are showing them the life-changing hope that comes only from Jesus.

Through our Project GRL initiative, we are rescuing women and girls and providing safe places where they can receive an education, nutritious meals, clean water and learn just how valuable they are in Christ.

Woman smiling
Samrawit was rescued from a life of sex trafficking and is now helping others.
Read her story.

The red-light district in East Africa is one of the most horrible places imaginable. In the darkness of the night, girls with blank expressions and empty eyes line alley after alley waiting for customers.

A few colored lights lead to tiny rooms where men use and abuse these young women in exchange for money...their children often wait outside on the street for their mothers. You can only imagine the damage this does to a woman’s soul.

Samrawit was one of those women. She lost everything—her parents and sister—and ended up getting tricked into the sex trade to make ends meet. She was trapped with no hope for a better future. But with your help, we were able to go in and rescue Samrawit, bringing her to a place of refuge—a nearby girls’ home supported by Hand of Hope.

Today Samrawit is amazed by her new life. At this loving home, she found Jesus, walked through an intensive healing process, and learned a trade—nursing—ensuring she would never end up back in a place like that.

“Always I dreamt to do something with medical things,” she told us. “My dream came true when I came to the girls’ home...I’m so grateful.” And she’s showing that gratitude to many others now by working at a malnutrition clinic that you also support—a beautiful picture of God’s restoration and love.

And it’s not just Samrawit—you are helping hundreds of young women in countries around the world escape similar situations and make the journey to recovery. With God’s help, together we are rescuing them from the horrors of human trafficking and enabling them to smile once again as they experience Jesus’s love.

Hairstylist straightening a woman's hair.
Blessedare you who
weep now, for you
shall laugh
- Luke 6:21 (ESV) -

This year, you were there for many people around the world during their greatest moment of need. Providing fresh water in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian. Offering shelter, supplies and critical support during the Australia wildfires. Pulling people out of the raging flood waters in Texas after Tropical Storm Imelda and carrying them to safety. You were there to comfort, protect, rebuild...and show the love of Christ in a very personal way.

People praying  for one another

received Christ
at our short-term medical/dental outreaches

Medical volunteer treating a child

people treated
at our short-term medical/dental outreaches

Smiling Man
Medical volunteer taking a selfie with kids
Man Smiling
God healed Srinivas’ mind, body and soul through one of our medical clinics.
Read his story.
A Merry Heart
does good,
like medicine...
- Proverbs 17:22 (NKJV) -

This year, you shared the beautiful gift of medical and dental care with thousands around the world. You also introduced them to Jesus, the Healer—the One who desires to fill hearts with joy and mend every single area of our lives.

This year, we met Srinivas, and he shared this amazing story...

Srinivas was extremely sick and unable to walk. He knew something was desperately wrong. So, when he heard the mobile Hand of Hope medical clinic was coming to his village in India, he realized it could be his one chance for help.

At the clinic, doctors were able to run tests that showed Srinivas had a serious thyroid condition. They caught it just in time, then provided him with the critical medicines he needed.

Srinivas also prayed with a local pastor…and soon after gave his heart to Christ, becoming the very first Christian in his predominantly Hindu and Muslim village.

And it was just the beginning. Srinivas got better and better physically, and people who knew him were amazed by the miracle! As a result of what God did in his life, Srinivas’ entire family—along with 23 other families—also gave their lives to the Lord.

Our medical van—equipped with a lab, an X-ray machine and its own pharmacy—continues to conduct multiple outreaches each week in villages throughout the Hyderabad area. And people like Srinivas, his family, and his entire village are forever changed by the love of Christ.

In 2019, as a partner, you helped bring lifesaving help to over 55,000 patients in India through this mobile clinic, offering medical, dental, vision and even gynecological care to those in need.

Nurse treating a patient

You provided nutritious meals
to families and children in

Boy eating
8 new Classrooms of Hope
were installed in Malawi and
South Africa where
preschoolers receive an
education, meals and learn
about God's love.

Served more than
meals worldwide

Girl eating at a table

feeding sites

Feeding program in St Louis
A glad heart
makes a cheerful
face...but the
has a continual
feast. - Proverbs 15:13-15 (ESV) -

Few things can make a more immediate impact than feeding those who are hungry. To save the life of a malnourished child. To sense a family’s relief and see the joy return to their faces. There’s nothing greater.

In 2019, you provided millions of nutritious meals to families around the world. And for many children, your support went far beyond that, providing them with an education and the opportunity to learn all about Jesus. Your love allowed them to just be kids—to run, play, learn, grow and laugh.

Young boy and his father
Five-year-old Isayas was saved from malnutrition at one of our clinics.
Read his story.

Five-year-old Isayas laid motionless in his father’s arms. His belly was distended, his hair had fallen out and his legs and feet were incredibly swollen—all signs of starvation and his body’s fight to survive.

“I was so hopeless and sad,” his father said. “I thought he would die. I thought, I’m going to lose him. I was praying to God.”

That day, Isayas’ mother and father carried him into the Hand of Hope Malnutrition Clinic in East Africa, where the doctors immediately went to work treating his infections and providing him with the advanced nutrition he needed. Almost immediately, his little body responded to the food, medicine and loving care.

Today, Isayas is an unstoppable force of joy and laughter. And he is just one of the 22,000 precious children whose lives you as a partner have changed through this clinic in 2019.

Equipped with 20 beds and state-of-the-art facilities, this rural clinic is dedicated to the complete restoration of these children, whether it’s outpatient care or an extended stay for the most severely malnourished.

“God has heard my prayer!” his father exclaimed. “To see my child in that situation and to see him now is just joy. Now I hear him laughing—he plays and runs in the house. I feel so much joy that I can’t express it. We want to thank everybody—all of you.”

Young girl holding a plate of food

freshwater wells
drilled in 16 nations

Cambodia, Ethiopia, India, Kenya,
Laos, Malawi, Myanmar, Morocco,
Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Tanzania,
Thailand, Togo, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Boy getting water from a well

Well of Life projects
including both a well
and a church

Boys laughing
Man and woman smiling in front of a church
Woman carrying pots of water
God answered Meenaben’s prayers for fresh water and a church.
Read her story.
"If anyone thirsts
come to me and drink.
whoever believes in
me... out of his heart
will flow rivers
of living water" - John 7:37-38 (ESV) -

This year, we celebrated with entire villages as they danced, sang and praised God at the dedications of the new freshwater wells you provided!

In all, you made it possible to install more than 200 freshwater wells in some of the most remote places on earth in 2019. And in many locations, you also built a church, sharing the Living Water of the Gospel…the ultimate source of joy that never runs dry.

Kokni Falia is a difficult place to be a Christian. Just ask Meenaben, who moved to this small Indian village 30 years ago. When she attempted to hold a church gathering, the locals shut off her electricity, ransacked her house and threatened her visitors. From that day on, she began praying for a church.

The threat of persecution also complicated something as simple as water. While some wells do exist in the area, each one belongs to a specific religion and outsiders are strictly forbidden. For years, Christians have had two options: Attempt to retrieve water at great risk or search for alternative water sources.

In 2019, God used you to answer Meenaben’s prayers. You installed a freshwater well in her village, making a way for Christians and all residents to safely access clean water 24 hours a day. Adjacent to the well, you also constructed a beautiful new church—an oasis for the people and a place where they can gather freely to worship God.

Today, the grateful people of Kokni Falia continue to celebrate…and it’s a celebration that is shared around the world—in nations like Malawi, Peru, Laos, Pakistan, Tanzania, Cambodia and Togo, to name a few. These are all places where you installed freshwater wells in 2019, providing clean water for entire communities. Places where the light of Christ now shines brighter and there is hope for all those who thirst.

Young girl getting water from a well
Dave and Joyce Meyer

Behind the

Smiles are lovingly shared from person to person, and there are many people behind these beautiful smiles...

The Meyer family and the worldwide teams of Joyce Meyer Ministries and Hand of Hope, the ministries that we are honored to connect with around the globe, and perhaps most importantly, you—the partners of Joyce Meyer Ministries.

None of us can do this alone, but when we combine our efforts, God does amazing things and smiles abound!

“I am continually amazed at God’s faithfulness. It brings a smile to my face to watch how, week by week, He consistently takes care of what this ministry needs. Whether it’s finances, opportunities to help more people or simply the grace to keep doing what we’re doing, God is always faithful.”

-Dave Meyer

Vice President of Joyce Meyer Ministries

Joyce Meyer

“I can’t help but notice that when I smile at someone, they nearly always smile back. What a great example of sowing and reaping. Sow a smile, reap a smile. We love sowing smiles, and the Bible says that God smiles on us as well. When we are helping people all over the world, the smiles are simply too many to count—it is such a blessing. Perhaps the biggest smile of all, is the one on my face.”

-Joyce Meyer

Ginger Stache
Dan Meyer
David Meyer
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